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Taking a product to market requires investments, investments are based on decisions and decisions are made based on information.

We make sure you have all the information, insights resources required to manage any tech-product related endeavour disregarding its maturity stage.

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  • We offer our unique services examining each case on its own. Nevertheless, we have to give you a reference point for the scope of our involvement. To assist you we provide category filtering and summary descriptions for you to identify similarities. We will be happy to read from you for any question you may have.
  • At this stage, your initial product idea may change to align with the latest opportunities and insights. This is the point where you need to decide whether you will follow a high potential or urgent opportunity by evaluating the pool of ideas primarily from a business perspective.
  • With actual production, product updates or upgrades being in focus, your Marketing and Technical forces must converge to achieve going-to-market on time and within budget. Your challenge is to align and coordinate these forces as they speak different operating languages while having different priorities.
  • You are ready to hit the market and you need to figure out how to tell the world about your product. This is a crucial stage that has a huge impact on your sales and the future of your company.

We evolve your concepts by developing high-level, yet precise and structured, target specifications in order to validate them from a legal, financial, profitability and market acceptance point of view.

Upon concluding we can advise you to decide if, why and for how long the concepts will be viable and promissing from a business standpoint.

Visualization is a dominant driver of the concept selection process. Its downside pertains to its subjectivity due to differences in tastes and preferences of each participant.

We create visual concepts for you and give you options based on an in-house developed, market-tested, proprietary methodology that focuses on objective fit for purpose, use and market.

A business-meaningful concept isn't enough for making a "go-to-market" decision. Technical aspect (e.g. hardware, software, materials etc.) needs to be also evaluated.

We advise you about your concept's technical feasibility under your business constraints, complementing our evaluation with all associated assumptions, restrictions and other critical information.

Whether material, software or an Internet of Things (IoT) solution , we create a clear and comprehensive guide for business and technical people to use as a compass during implementation.

Establishing an objective, common point of understanding, we align perceptions and priorities among all implicated parties. This way we lay the foundation for unobstructed production of the product.

This is the point where we transform the results from the Requirements & Specs Analysis to actionable input for use in production. Indicative work products of this stage:

Process design [bus. & tech. logic]
UI design [web and mobile software]
Design for manufacturing [physical items]
Solution Architecture [IoT]
Working prototypes [software]

We work on establishing and handing you over, the process to identifying channels of supply at the lowest total cost, not just the lowest purchase price.

We train you to understand that numbers behind Total Cost of Ownership are formed, among other things, by credibility and reliability of your product and consequently your selected suppliers and overall structure of your supply chain.

We combine information about the the supply sources and production (technical details) in order to “sketch” for you a detailed view of what your actual costs will look like before you go to market.

By handing you over pricing structures per targeted market we give you perspective about the near future (e.g. necessary actions to be taken for cost optimization, marketing approach etc.).

We design the path to follow in order to maximize your presence in the market. We give you a map including milestones, triggering events, signaling goals and proposed mediums.

This way you know when to act (triggering events), what to do (signaling goals and mediums to exploit) and what to expect (milestones) while having the flexibility to adapt to the dynamically evolving market landscape.